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Poe boys

Posted by Santellana ( of “Tarot by Santellana”, one of the Sideshow Performers at the Museum of The Weird ) Two from BoingBoing. One is about an upcoming movie about Edgar Allen Poe starring John Cusack, and the other is a post about the mysterious visitor with a secret signal NOT showing up to visit Poe’s grave on his birthday. ******************************************************************************************** “As noted earlier here on Boing Boing, guestblogger and pal John Cusack is starring as Edgar Allan Poe in the James McTeigue-directed film The Raven, due out in Fall, 2011. Here’s a photo gallery of on-set snapshots just shared with us by Cusack, who looks impossibly bad-ass as Poe in these shots. I am so psyched to see this film. Happy birthday, Edgar Allan Poe.”

( Note from Santellana – The photo that BoingBoing blogged about was removed shortly after they posted. Something about a movie studio not wanting to actually publicize their film. )


In 1993, the visitor began leaving notes, starting with one that read: "The torch will be passed." A note in 1998 indicated the originator of the tradition had died and passed it on to his two sons.

The sons didn’t seem to take the duty as seriously as the father. One left a note in 2001 referencing the Super Bowl and another in 2004 implying criticism of France over its objections to the U.S. invasion of Iraq, upsetting many of the traditionalists. When the Poe toaster didn’t show last year, Mr. Jerome theorized that the 200th anniversary of Poe’s birth in 2009 might have been considered the appropriate stopping point.

Or, it was thought at the time, perhaps the toaster just had a flat tire on the way to the cemetery.

But that’s the sort of happenstance unlikely to happen two years in a row. Mr. Jerome says he’ll return one more year. If the visitor fails to show in 2012, he’ll considered the tradition over and done.

"It’s sort of like a marriage that ends," Mr. Jerome said. "Part of you still wants the warmth that was part of it, and you go looking for the same woman. No, it’s over with. And if it’s over with, it’s over with. If people want to continue the tradition, it’s going to be without me."

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