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This scary, sharp-toothed pirahna was caught in a lake near Houston, Texas just 2 hours from here. Coming on the heels of our most recent story of, guess what? A Pirahana attack!

Being in Austin, we have tons of rivers, lakes, streams, ponds and springs to swim and play in, it’s part of makes Austin so amazing. Now that we could possibly have Pirahnas moving in, I’m going to run out of that water as soon as I feel ANYthing resembling a nibble on my toes.

MSNBC writes:

Texas is reminding folks that keeping piranhas as pets is a no-no. The warning this week comes after a 5-year-old girl on her first fishing expedition hooked a red-bellied piranha at a lake near Houston.

This red-bellied piranha was found in a lake near Houston, Texas. Lindsay Schutte used a hot dog to lure her unique prize. “When I took the hook out of the mouth and saw it had pretty big teeth I was concerned, but I’m in Texas so I don’t know, there could be fish like that,” Christi Schutte, Lindsay’s mom and a recent transplant from California, told NBC affiliate KPRC-TV. But when the fish bit Lindsay’s brother, the family decided to notify the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, which killed the fish and then froze it for further study.


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