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Here is Phoenix Jones, one of Seattle’s toughest, smartest and prolific real-life super heroes…

Yet, he can’t catch a break. First, he had his nose broken earlier in the year defending the city’s residents and now Seattle PD arrests him for trying, succesfully, to stop a fight.

Phoenix Jones has gained notoriety from being a comic book-style super hero badass and making friends with one, Rainn Wilson, who himself has donned a crime-fighting costume to defend the streets of his own defenseless city in 2011’s “Super”. Despite legitimately helping citizens of Seattle, Phoenix, who’s real name has been released due to this arrest, but you will not see it here for we believe in keeping his secret-identity, secret, faces many challenges outside of the criminals he battles relentlessly, like particular officer’s of Seattle PD who do not approve of Phoenix Jones’ vigilante ways.

Does this seem like the people of Seattle have an issue with this guy?

MSNBC writes:

SEATTLE — Instead of the bad guys, it was Seattle’s most prolific self-styled superhero that ended up in handcuffs. Police officers arrested the 23-year-old man who calls himself Phoenix Jones early Sunday after he was accused of assaulting several people with pepper spray. He was booked in county jail on four counts of assault, with arraignment set for Thursday, police said Monday. Jones, who wears a black mask with yellow stripes and a bulging muscle bodysuit, said he was only trying to stop a street brawl. “Just because he’s dressed up in costume, it doesn’t mean he’s in special consideration or above the law. You can’t go around pepper spraying people because you think they are fighting,” said Seattle police spokesman Det. Mark Jamieson. In capital letters, Jones wrote on his Facebook page that said he wouldn’t “ever assault or hurt another person if they were not causing harm to another human being.” He also released a video shot during the alleged assault on his Facebook page which he said shows that he used the spray after being attacked. It could also be found at


Despite the bad rap he sometimes gets, we here at the Museum Of The Weird fully support Phoenix Jones and his gang of do-gooders!

Godspeed fellas!

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