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This is definitely one of the most insane things I’ve seen in a while!

Watch this incredible video of a paraglider in the Himalaya’s getting an eagle tangled in his ‘chute, free-falling for a bit then crash landing WITH the eagle into a dangerous looking set of trees and smacking the ground rather hard after crashing through them.

The Huffington Post writes:

Nothing could have prepared this paraglider for what he was about to encounter in mid air, but his level of expertise certainly helped him survive. Vladimir Tsar’kov was gliding over the Indian Himalayas on Oct. 17 when two birds headed toward him and one got tangled in his cables (0:29 in video). After deploying his emergency parachute, the Russian sportsman was able to reach the ground safely and helped free the bird. The nearly 10-minute rescue mission proved successful after the eagle flew away from scene without injury, the Telegraph reports.


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