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Out-of-place objects and mass animal deaths: are UFOs to blame?

Posted by Steve Busti In light of the recent UFO videos emerging from Jerusalem, one has to wonder if that can be the explanation for the following out-of-place objects that recently showed up in the news? First we had this strangely errant piece of timber floating on top of — of all places — an iceberg: ******************************************************************* I’ve heard the Southern Ocean attracts a hardy individual but a block of wood on an iceberg is ridiculous.

This lonely piece of timber was spotted on the top of a small berg at 66 degrees south, just north of Commonwealth Bay. Wildlife watchers near Aurora Australis’ bridge first thought it was a relaxing seal but it was soon apparent it was rectangular in shape. How it got to such a prominent position, instead of just floating around, is anyone’s guess.

Read more: ******************************************************************* Then there was this story reported by Britain’s Daily Mail a couple of days ago about an out-of-place grand piano (gotta love their headline — “Were they trying to tuna fish?…”): ******************************************************************* It certainly strikes a discordant note – but then again, this is near the Florida Keys. A 650lbs grand piano has mysteriously appeared on a sandbar in Miami’s Biscayne Bay – and no one appears to be coming Bach for it.

The piano was placed at the highest point along the sandbar, about 200 yards from shore, so that it doesn’t disappear underwater during high tide. But who put it there – and, almost more importantly, why – remains unknown.

Read more: ******************************************************************* Obviously, in both cases, the UFOs are to blame. And now, in the latest case of mass animal deaths, UFOs are really to blame. That is, if you ask the locals of El Llanitos, Columbia what’s responsible for killing off their fish: ******************************************************************* In Llanitos neighborhood, north of the city of Barrancabermeja, the collective death of two thousand fish is being attributed by the locals, to aliens. Witnesses said that saw an unidentified object that was hovering above the waters of a mangrove. The UFO emitted a bright light and then, in few seconds disappeared. After that, the fish began to appear floating dead in the water. These fish showed signs of burns on the scales and gills.

A woman that is community leader from El Llanitos reported that the apparition of UFO phenomenon’s lasted about 20 seconds. In the district of Puente Sogamoso, Puerto Wilches city, other people reported that they also saw the object, which was round and flew over the area with lateral movements. Read more: ******************************************************************* So what do you think, readers? Is this the result of aliens trying to send us a message? I guess the crop circles weren’t working.

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