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One of the only known photos of the Snub-Nosed Monkey alive in Myanmar.

New discoveries are always exciting and tell us a lot about our world, but this one in-particular is especially interesting due to the fact that it’s a monkey that looks an awful  lot like a human being!

Another of the only known photos of this newly discovered monkey alive.

Although this is a new discovery to the world, it’s definitely not anything new to the locals of this area, who seem to have been hunting it for food for quite some time.

A recent photo of a Snub-Nosed Monkey that was hunted by locals for food.

National Geographic writes:

A new monkey species inMyanmar is so snub-nosed that rainfall is said to makes it sneeze—but that’s apparently the least of problems. The only scientifically observed specimen (pictured above) had been killed by local hunters the time researchers found it—and was eaten soon after. But local demand for monkey meat is only one reason the new species is already considered endangered. Scientists first learned of “Snubby”—as they nicknamed the species—from hunters in the remote, mountainous Kachin state (map) in early 2010, according to the U.K.-based conservation group Flora & Fauna International (FFI), which announced the discovery Wednesday.
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