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New Bigfoot Video of Squatting Sasquatch?

When browsing the dearth of “Bigfoot” videos on YouTube, you’ll find there is undoubtedly an overabundance of unquestionably fake footage, usually in the guise of humor… and very poor attempts at humor, I might add. But every once in a while, you come across something that may deserve a closer look. This is one of those videos. The man who shot the footage, Ed Runninghorse, claims to have filmed a video last month purporting to be that of a black hairy creature squatting or crouching, possibly in an effort to avoid detection. Runninghorse was exploring an area of Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area west of Forest Lake, MN. He had been finding several mysterious “stick structures” in the remote forest that day, seemingly made by the hand of some intelligent being. As he was about to wrap it up and return to his vehicle, he caught a glimpse of “what appeared to be the size of a large man” running through the woods. According to Mr. Runninghorse, “What really didn’t make sense was that it was solid black in color and moved with a swift, smooth motion.” When he tried to chase it, it seemed to disappear. Later upon reviewing his footage, he was surprised to have caught something black, hairy, and very still crouching off in the distance. Could it be a Sasquatch? Watch the following video, then you decide.

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