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Well, captured in a photograph, at least.  Hmm… Nessie and a rainbow in the same picture?  Almost seems too good to be true!

It’s been said before and it’s being said again .. Nessie is alive under the waves of Loch Ness.Once more the notoriously shy Loch Ness monster has been reportedly sighted in Scotland’s deepest loch. This time close to a commercial fish farm.Jon Rowe, from nearby Lewiston in Drumnadrochit, took the eerie snaps moments before the mysterious shape slipped beneath the water.

Could this be Nessie? Jon Rowe says his image shows a pair of humps which soon disappeared under the waves

And the stunned fish farmer is convinced that the shapes he saw in the morning light are Nessie.He said: ‘It was a very strange morning. It was misty with a bit of rain and sunny at the same time.‘There was a rainbow so I got my camera out to take a photo and noticed this really large dark shape in the loch with two humps that were barely out of the water.‘My instant reaction was “That’s Nessie”.’ Mr Rowe has dismissed claims that the shapes he saw in the water were not the legendary beast of the deep said to stalk the atmospheric Highland loch. He added: ‘I have no doubt, I work on the loch everyday and I’ve never seen anything like it. ‘Almost as soon as I took the shot the shape disappeared under the water and out of sight. The 31-year-old told how he had not believed that a monster swam the depths of Loch Ness until he captured Nessie on film. ‘It can’t have been a buoy or a mooring as it’s in the wrong place and the ropes would be visible in the water. ‘A few people have said it was birds diving under the water – but I didn’t see any birds fly by. It can’t have been birds – the whole thing went down into the loch. ‘It was quite spooky but I think it’s really interesting.’

Loch Ness: The two humps are clearly visible bottom centre in Jon Rowe's photo, as is the rainbow he originally set out to capture

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