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What is this underwater creature that's been caught on film?

This oddly shaped thing is said to be a new, undiscovered creature filmed in the depths of an as of yet, unamed ocean and has been dubbed the “Cascade Creature”.

It resembles a silk sheet, floating on the currents flowing underwater but, doesn’t look like much other creatures that are  known to science. Some say it’s a jellyfish, while others say it’s just a whales embryonic sack floating around.

Luckily for us there’s a video for us to take a look ourselves:

Discovery News writes:

A strange creature allegedly filmed by underwater drillers in the deep ocean on April 25 has sparked intrigue and controversy on the Internet. Theories about the mysterious animal range from a jellyfish to an unknown marine version of the Loch Ness monster to a whale placenta. Neither the source of the video nor the location where it was filmed have been revealed, leading some people to suspect a hoax. Others note that the video seems authentic, and that a hoaxed video would likely be much more dramatic. Scale in the video is unclear, and without more information about the drill site (for example the diameter of the pipe the animal moves in front of), it’s impossible to know exactly how big it is. …There are a few clues to this creature’s identity. First, it should be noted that (contrary to some sensational news headlines) the object isn’t really a “blob” at all, but instead composed of what appears to be a fairly thin membrane. It more closely resembles a satin bedsheet than a blobby monster. This suggests that the animal has no skeleton and little or no musculature; whatever it is, it’s not a big, strong monster but likely something fairly fragile.


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