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A section of the front of the shop as seen from the world famous 6th Street in downtown Austin, Tx.

Hey there fellow weirdos, just a bit of neat info for you!

We’ve been featured on a local news station here in Austin and we would like to share it with you. This town is super great to us and seems to support what we got going on full-heartedly, and we couldn’t be happier!

Head on over to YNN (Your News Now) to check out our feature under their “Local Wonders” section and leave some feedback with them about any experiences you may have had with us! <–click here

Thanks again Austin, and all the other folks from cities across the world that visit our website and make the trip in to see the Museum of the Weird. We certainly appreciate your support and will continue to keep Austin, and the rest of the world, weird!

#featuredonlocalnews #museumoftheweird #weirdnews

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