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Mr. Morbid’s Moonlight Movie Madness Mayhem Massacre and MORE

That’s a lot of ‘M’s. And here’s another one: MAN, I love living in Austin, Texas. There’s always some new weird and cool thing around the corner (or hiding under the bed) to discover. Case in point…Mr Morbid’s Movie Massacre (shortened to keep myself from coming down with Carpal Tunnel.

The Institution Theater, at 3708 Woodbury Dr. in Austin has a whole slew of cool October stuff on their plate, not the least of which is Mr. Morbid, described thusly:

Meet Mortimer Morbid, a quaint small-town mortician by day, a fright flick TV host by night …or so he would hope. Try as he might, he cannot seem to avoid the mishaps that continually block his line-up of B-grade horror schlock. Luckily, he has friends on hand to play out their best rendition of what they think the movie might have looked like. With the help of Austin’s best and most distinct improv troupes, bizarre trailers of substandard gore and terror are unspooled into feature-length ridiculousness every Friday in October at 10pm.

That’s ten smackers to get in for a LOT of bizarre and gruesome hilarity, perfect for your Halloweeny month. But that’s not all…

On Saturdays in October at 8pm, the Institution Theater presents, “Risen: Improvised Stories in World War Z”. For only 12 bucks you get this:

The power has gone out. Panic has hit the streets. Throughout the world, humans are being beaten back by a new terror…Zombies. This is the world of RISEN, inspired by the best-selling novel World War Z by Max Brooks, but improvised far past where it leaves off. Each week will show you the zombie apocalypse from a different geological perspective: the South African slums, the Paris underground, the upscale apartments of Manhattan. Guest monologists will perform post-apocalyptic stories of survival, decimation, or worse. From there the all-star cast of improvisers will flesh out that part of the world before its too late. Through the panic of the outbreak, to the front lines of the Z War and back again, Risen will give a glimpse into the darkest parts of humanity imaginable.

But wait…that’s not all. When you’re done envisioning the end of humanity at the hands and jaws of the world’s most popular monsters, the Institution Theater gives you a reason to stay in your seats with Weirdsville USA…

There are things out there: paranormal, extra-terrestrial, and other unexplained events. Bill Belpre is the host of Weirdsville, USA, a syndicated paranormal radio talk show that gathers the truthful eyewitness accounts of everything from alien abduction to the afterlife and back. However, Bill is at a turning point. He’s dedicated his life to finding the truth behind these phenomena, but each question answered opens the floodgate for more questions. The weight of knowing (or not knowing) so much truth has him apprehensive beyond the relief of the stress reducing supplements that sponsor his show. In a desperate attempt to calm himself, he’s trying something new – Improv Comedy. He’s joined in the studio by his improv troupe and local chapter of The Truth Seekers Society who will decode the unusual stories in grounded comedy scenes.

Weirdsville starts at 10 pm and only costs ten dollars.

Once again, All taking place at The Institution Theater 3708 Woodbury Drive Austin, TX 78704 (512) 895-9580 for info For reservations, go to

All of this and the Museum of the Weird SEAL OF APPROVAL as well. SO MUCH SO, that All shows are $5 off for fans of Sfanthor! and the Museum of the Weird with the discount code “WeirdMuseum”. Don’t say we never did nuthin’ for ya.

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