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More mojo in your little finger…

I know someone who is much more than he will allow himself to be.  As I think about it, I know a number of people like that.  They are people who look at what is going on the world and they just curl up into a ball and wish that someone would come and fix things for them.  You tell them that they get to pick the color of their glasses (I like mine rose-colored myself) and they look at you and say “That’s all good for you, but it doesn’t work that way for me.”

Did you hear that?  They look at me and explain that their view of the world is that stuff like that doesn’t happen to them, and they are right!  Drives me crazy.  Of course, these are the same people that come back later asking me if I can send a little mojo their way to help them with this or that.  Usually it’s not something that really needs my help.  It’s something that they could do themselves, but they fear it somehow, and I sometimes lack the stamina to hand out tough love.

It saddens me terribly to see people driven by so much fear today.  It’s especially sad when I can see the power that people have.  I can see it, but I can’t make people use it.  I can’t make them talk about themselves and their world in positive terms rather than always giving power to the negative things.  I can’t make people trust themselves and their ability to get through something rather than waiting for someone to tell them that it’s safe.  Ha!  It’s never safe!  Plans go awry; mistakes are made; plans fall apart… and every single one of those things leads you to the next thing… but with you walking your path, not shivering in the shadow of others!

OK.  I’ve gotten a little excited here.  I’ll calm down a bit.  What I want to tell you —  yes, you — is that you’ve got more mojo in your little finger than those worldly fears have in their entire being.  You — yes, I’m still talking about you — can shape the world by your thoughts and your words.  Now, don’t be stupid and expect to close your eyes and open them as a hip-hop star with gold records.  You always start from where you are.  Also, a picture like that is pretty immature.  That’s something you’d see on a TV show.  Do you really want to be that person, or do you want to have a happy life, with your material needs fulfilled, spending every day using your creativity, surrounded by people who appreciate your gifts?  Maybe that looks like the gold-covered guy in the L.A. mansion.  Maybe not.  Maybe your reality — once realized — is even better.

So, universe rearranging 101 (and I’m not the only one who says this… it’s always worked like this):

  1. Stop talking about what you don’t want and start talking about what you do want. — Stop saying things like “I wish my boss didn’t treat me like a slave.” and start saying things like “I wish my boss respected my time.” Everyone and everything follows your lead.  If you keep bringing up viewing everything in negative terms, you will be right.  Stop sending that garbage out there and send out the stuff that you want.

  2. There is always another option and the choice is always yours. — This is a tough one.  When you are used to being pushed around by circumstances, you imagine that there is no way out of the things you fear.  There is always a way out, but you must choose it.  There is always a cost associated with that choice.  You may suffer some inconvenience or lose friends, possessions, or get out of your comfort zone, but it is up to you to take action or not.  So, if your job makes you physically ill, leave it.  If you complain about the place that you live, move.  If the people around you depress you, get away from them.  What will happen when you do something?  Who knows?  Whatever it is, it will be better than the rot that you are experiencing now.  Use that mojo in your little finger to start some motion.

  3. Pay attention to the good stuff. — This should be easy, but it seems it’s not.  When good things happen to you, acknowledge them.  Why?  Because otherwise you will forget them as you go back to your list of evil.  Good things can be simple… you woke up this morning and you weren’t dead…. you found a decent parking place… there’s a 2-for one coupon on your favorite food… anything!  When something good happens I like to say “Stuff like that happens to me.” I find that as I’ve started saying that, it has become more and more true.  Maybe it was always true and I wasn’t paying attention.  Hmmmm?  Paying attention will prove to you that your mojo is doing something… even if it’s just little ripples that are building into waves.

  4. Express gratitude. — While you are acknowledging the good stuff, say “Thank you.”  Whom shall you thank?  Everyone!  When the traffic breaks just when you need it to, thank God or the universe or however you envision the larger forces that make things go.  If that break in traffic came from the person behind you, give a wave and think “Thank you, nice traffic person.” Look at different ways to express your thanks to people in everyday life.  Get them a cup of coffee when you go to the break room.  Write them a little sticky-note.  There must be a hundred different on-line sites to send a free electronic card.  I hear that stores still sell Thank You cards.  Make gratitude a part of your life because that sends your mojo back into the universe.  It takes the good that you’ve gotten and spreads it around, if only as a happy energy.

I can hear some of you grumbling about this “motivational crap.”  Where’s the real power?  Ha!  Those are people that I’ll probably have to dress a candle for later.  The truth is, the real power is in making the things that are in our head manifest out here where we can touch them.  That’s what it’s all about.  It can be grand and elaborate, with lots of candles and incense — and if that helps, there is nothing wrong with doing that work.  It can also start to happen right there in your head.

Ahhhhh… there you go.  Now you’re looking at that little finger, and you’re staring to wonder…  Ha!  Go for it!

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