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We could all use a million dollars. However, if you’re looking to retire anytime soon, you might want to stick to your state lottery for better chances of winning such a jackpot. For dedicated Bigfoot hunters, though, keep hunting! Unless someone offers you a higher bid, you can rely on Olympia Beer and Pabst Brewing Company to pay you $25,000 a year for forty years for either a captured live Bigfoot or “irrefutable proof that the creature exists.”

“We have been sharing the same backyard for over a century and we believe it’s time to do what has never been done, and that is to offer a one million dollar reward to anyone who can ensure the safe capture of Bigfoot,” Evan and Daren Metropoulos stated in an official press release from the company. They continue, “When we say safe capture that means Bigfoot has to be alive and breathing folks, with no wounds.”

You heard it, folks. Bigfoot has to be alive and ready for his close-up when the exchange happens!

According to the official rules of the contest, “Evidence may include, but is not limited to DNA Evidence. DNA Evidence may include hair, blood, tissue or saliva that proves the DNA sequence of the donor shows that said donor resides in the primate evolutionary family tree, among other apes or hominids, but does not have the same genetic markers and DNA sequence as any known species.”

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