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This image of the ufo in question was captured by a passing vehicle while it traveled through the usually, quiet Kansas road.

What a site this must have been!

Imagine driving to work just like any other day, maybe running a little bit behind, thinking to yourself  “Oh man, I’m totally gonna be late for… wait, what is that? Is that a UFO on the back of that truck? In Kansas?”

I bet this town was quite the flurry of activity and chatter trying to figure what just drove through their homely little town.

Not to spoil the fun I’m having here but, it turns out it was just a new kind of American military drone being transported to a nearby base

… so they say.

UFO or drone? Either way it looks rather impressive and deadly.

The Huffington Post writes:

What do you call a flying saucer that isn’t flying? That’s what residents of Cowley County, Kan. are asking themselves after a mysterious 32-foot-long shrouded object that closely resembled sci-fi depictions of UFOs rolled down US 77 on a flatbed truck. “There was this funny sphere that went through on this big trailer and my first thought was, ‘That looks like a UFO’,” Kammi Root told ABC-7. The UFO — in this case an unidentified freight object — was so big that police had to remove signs so it could turn a corner, Sheriff Don Read told the station. “They told us that it was an aircraft and that they had explored other ways to transport it but this was the best way for them to do it and they asked us not to say a whole lot about it,” Read said.


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