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As if things weren’t creepy enough for the staff of a hotel that had recently had a UFO sighting, they were apparently paid a visit by the enigmatic figures known as “men in black,” which often appear on the scene shortly after a UFO encounter.

Afterwards, one of the hotel staff decided to check the security cams, and sure enough the MIB were captured by the hotel’s cameras.  If real, then this would mark the first time the mysterious “men in black” phenomenon has been recorded on video.

Could these figures be the mysterious "Men in Black"?

Ghost Theory writes:

From the Aerial Phenomen Investigations Team in Maryland comes this unique case with an exceptionally unique footage. According to the API Team, a recent UFO investigation case in Maryland received some attention from two strange looking men dressed in all black and looking so alike, that employees thought that they might be twins. They wore the exact same clothing, hats, and even had the same facial features. The men were captured on a hotel’s security camera entering the lobby in a straight strut. According to those employees who talked to the men, they described them as tall, with extremely pale skin and no visible facial hair. Including no eyebrows and no eyelashes. Their eyes were described as being “so big and so blue, that they almost hypnotized..

Here’s a clip of the actual footage:

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