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Meet Teeny & Tiny, possibly the world's smallest 2-headed turtle.

Now these guys are just adorable!

Looks like the Venice Beach Freakshow has got themselves another awesome curiosity!

We have a few of these kinds of oddities of nature of our own here in Austin, Tx at The Museum Of The Weird.

The Huffington Post writes:

Good things come in small packages — if you happen to be a collector of two-headed animals. Todd Ray, who runs the Venice Beach Freakshow in Los Angeles, which features a variety of two-headed creatures as well as a five-legged dog, now believes his latest addition to his multi-headed menagerie is the biggest … and the smallest. The creature in question is a two-headed razorback musk turtle that is about six months old and the size of a nickel. One head of the two-headed turtle is named “Teeny” and the other is “Tiny” and Ray says both sides are “adorable.” They may also be record breakers. “I believe they are the smallest two-headed turtles ever,” Ray said, adding that he has owned many two-headed turtles over the years and never seen any as tiny as Teeny and Tiny.


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