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Meet the Woman Who Has Had More Than One Thousand Near Death Out of Body Experiences!

Beverly Gilmour of Lancashire claims to have had over one thousand out of body experiences that have all almost led her to her death.

Beverly claims it all started back in 1987, and since then, has had three experiences a month, like clockwork.

“I have an out of body experience and my heart stops.” Claims Ms Gilmour. “Most people who go through an NDE – a near death experience – have them on the operating table or in a moment of trauma like a car accident. Most only have one such experience in a lifetime. But I have been having three a month since 1987. I was terrified at first and a friend suggested it was near death experience.”

She is registered as disabled, and is watched over by her two sons.

The real question is, do the experiences get boring when they happen that excessively?

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