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Man who was dead for three and a half hours brought back to life

Posted by Santellana ( of “Tarot by Santellana”, one of the Sideshow Performers at the Museum of The Weird ) Man defeats Death! For his next trick maybe he can defeat Taxes? ******************************************************************************************** A man whose heart had stopped was brought back from the dead after three and a half hours thanks to a machine that performed 20,000 life-saving compressions.

Arun Bhasin, 53, was found lying unconscious in Croydon in December temperatures of -10C. He was rushed to Croydon University Hospital but suffered a cardiac arrest.

Luckily for him he was under the care of two leading resuscitation doctors, who hooked him up to a revolutionary cardiac support machine.

The Zoll AutoPulse pump, which is battery operated, performed 100 compressions per minute. It maintained Mr Bhasin’s heartbeat for more than three hours while he was stabilised by medics and needed four full batteries to keep going.

He is now back at his home in East London and well on the road to recovery.

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