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Konstantine Myakush with a 20-inch arrow through his neck.

This is definitely not something you see everyday, or most likely, any day.

A man in Russia has managed to get a 20-inch long arrow shot straight through his neck while walking in the park near an archery practice.

Luckily for him, it went straight through his neck and bypassed all major arteries and organs!

Daily Mail writes:

A father-of-two is lucky to be alive after he was shot through the neck with an arrow as he went for a walk in a park in Russia.Konstantine Myakush, 38, was on a family outing with his two daughters near a sports centre in Moscow when he was struck by the stray 20-inch-long arrow.The arrow, believed to have been misfired by a member of an archery club, would have killed Mr Myakush if it had hit him just one inch to either the right or left by piercing a major artery. Incredibly, Mr Myakush remained conscious and even called his wife immediately after he was hit to tell her what happened. She then called an ambulance who rushed Mr Myakush to hospital where he underwent numerous scans to check whether it would be safe to remove the arrow. After making sure the arrow hadn’t hit any major organs, surgeons operated on Mr Myaksuh and successfully removed the arrow.


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