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Shown above is where the nail went in and the giant incision it took to get it out.

Jeff Luptak, a construction worker, hit the wrong “stud” when he shot himself in the top of the head using a nail gun loaded with 3-inch long nails while working on a house in Bismarck, North Dakota.

X-rays of the nail completely imbedded in Mr. Luptaks skull/brain.

Daily Mail writes:

Shooting a three inch nail into your skull, sounds like a painful experience, but when construction worker Jeff Luptak accidentally did exactly this, he surprisingly reported that he ‘didn’t feel any pain.’ Infact his first concern was saving the new baseball cap that was pinned to his head. ‘The doctors told me they were going to have to cut my hat off,’ said Jeff, who got it as a freebie for spending lots of cash at a sporting goods store. ‘I jokingly told them: You can’t do that. I had to spend $300 to get that hat,’ he added. The potentially fatal accident accident happened on February 1 when Jeff, 45, was working on a new house in Bismarck, North Dakota, where he lives with his 38-year-old wife Kim and their three daughters. Mr Luptak was in the basement, installing flooring, when he asked another worker standing above him to hand him a nail gun. ‘When I reached up to get it I pulled it down and I heard it go off. I immediately felt this pressure in my skull so I knew I’d just got shot in the head,’ he said. ‘I didn’t feel any pain. All I felt was some pressure, like somebody was pushing their thumb down on my head.’   
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