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In Victorian times, people were terrified of being buried alive.  Elaborate devices were designed (and sold) to help alert people if a soul was unfortunate enough to wake up buried in their coffin.  Fortunately, medical technology has advanced so that we we have a number of ways to detect life.  The days of someone being accidentally buried alive are behind us… or are they?

In Eastern Cape, South Africa, a man woke up to find himself on the cold, steel of an examining table.  His family took him to the private mortuary when they could not wake him on a Saturday and presumed him dead.  He had been there for 24 hours when he frightened the attendants, asking to be let out of the chilly room.

The gentleman was taken to hospital and did not need further treatment.  The South African medical community urges families to consult with a doctor before presuming that someone is dead.

Read the full story at the BBC Web site.

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