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Huug Bosse, the Dutch man who just can't stop laughing.

A Dutch man has been laughing for just about 2 years now, and he doesn’t even seem to mind!

Ever since undergoing hip-surgery and being put under with anesthesia, Huug Bosse just can’t stop laughing, and what’s so funny you ask? He doesn’t know!

Daily Mail writes:

A Dutch man who underwent hip surgery two years ago has appeared in a TV interview claiming he has not been able to stop laughing ever since.According to Huug Bosse’s wife, her husband now spends his days laughing at everyone and everything and it all started when he had a hip replaced under anaesthesia in 2010. ‘It appears that due to the operation, due to the anaesthesia, he was laughing more,’ Mr Bosse’s wife told the Dutch TV programme Man Bijt Hond as he sat roaring with laughter next to her.While Mr Bosse did laugh before, his personality had significantly altered since the operation and he now laughed almost all the time, she claimed. ‘Sometimes it starts to get really annoying all that laughing the whole day,’ she said.


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