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For years, people have been searching for the fabled “lost Thunderbird photo” in vain… a mysterious photograph showing what appeared to be a gigantic bird or flying reptile nailed to the side of a barn.

The really strange thing is, hundreds of people can recall seeing the image either in a book, magazine, or a newspaper… but nobody has ever been able to produce the photograph. It’s almost as if it never really existed (If you’re not familiar with the subject of the Thunderbird photo, you can read up on the story here; it’s a fascinating mystery that continues to drive people bonkers)!

But perhaps the mystery is one step closer to being solved.  This morning Loren Coleman of brought this photo to the world’s attention:

So what is the origin of this photograph of some kind of giant flying reptile (not a “Thunderbird”) with humans? The appearances are here and here, but they give no info on the actual source.

Actually, this is just the latest entry in the running for the “lost Thunderbird photo.”  There have been other Thunderbird photos that have cropped up on the internet in the past, all of which have been proven as a hoax. Here are a few of them.

So the question is, where did this new photo originate?  Is it from some forgotten book? Another hoax?  Or… could this actually be the long lost Thunderbird photo so many people recall having seen?

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