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Live two-headed pig born in China!

At the Museum we have a number of specimens of animal oddities, including a number of two-headed animals. Many of these animals had no life. Nature was just too brutal to them. It’s wonderful to see someone who is a survivor.

This amazing animals was adopted and is still alive

According to this story in the U.K.’s Daily Mail, the animal was  left outside a temple in Xinkou town, Tianjin. Because of the weight of his head he is unable to stand up and requires significant care. He was discovered and adopted by a Yang Jinliang. Because it is so young it must be fed with a bottle and Jinliang says it is able to eat from both mouths.

This is truly a miraculous story. We hope that the pig has a chance to grow up. We will provide more information as we hear it.

Visit the Museum this weekend and see our own amazing collection of animal oddities, including a number of two-headed creatures.

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