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Latest UFO hotspot is in Hinckley, England

Area 51 is SO two decades ago. Where does a dedicated UFOlogist go to catch sight of a saucer or two these days? According to a flurry of recent sightings, it appears the place is the rural market town of Hinckley England.

A number of citizens on different evenings have spotted oddly behaving lights in the sky. Earlier in May, witnesses described “an extremely bright red pulsating light hovering low in the sky”and that “at the rear of the main red light, there appeared to be a tail of some kind that was apparently being illuminated by the main light”. A local UFO investigation network volunteer Graham Hall said, “there were no flashing lights seen, or any other colors as on a normal aircraft”. It reportedly appeared to “swim through the night sky, giving the impression of a jellyfish as it moves through water, varying its appearance as it went, before moving very fast, and finally disappearing over rooftops.”

More recently, two different people have observed oddly behaving yellow and blue lights maneuvering in seemingly impossible patterns in the sky. One witness said, “I spotted a blue light traveling at speed. It moved across the sky very quickly at first, and then hovered from side to side before disappearing.”

There of course is a fine line with these sorts of sightings, based entirely on eye-witness testimony. With so many things to rule out, it’s very difficult to assign anything like ‘proof’ to these claims, but it’s certainly fun to speculate nonetheless. But it does beg the questions posed by legendary comic Bill Hicks, “the fact that they cross galaxies or universes to visit us, and always end up in places like … Fyffe f*%$ng Alabama. Maybe these aren’t super-intelligent beings, you know what I mean? “Don’t you wanna go to New York or LA?” “Nah, we just had a long trip, we’re gonna kick back and whittle some.” Oh my god, they’re idiots. We’re gonna enter our mothership in the tractor pull!” Last thing I wanna see is some flying saucer up on blocks in front of some trailer, bumper sticker on it, “They’ll get my raygun when they pry my cold, dead, eighteen-fingered hand off it!”

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