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HUGE new ocean-dwelling dinosaur has been discovered that could SNACK on a T-rex!

It is said to be “the most fearsome predator that ever lived,” according to a BBC News report. It is a pliosaur, or “sea monster,” and now its 2.4 meter-long skull has been unearthed and presented to the public. UPI reports that Naturalist and TV presenter David Attenborough unveiled the fossil to the public this past Saturday. The 155-million-year-old fossil was accidentally discovered in Dorset, U.K. by local collector Kevan Sheehan, who told BBC News: “It was sheer luck – I was sitting on the beach, and saw three pieces. I had no idea what they were, but I proceeded to drag them back. Then over several years, I’d go back every year and find a new piece.” According to The Guardian, Dorset county council has decided not to reveal the specific location of the find, since the area is prone to rock falls. It is possible that the discovered creature may be a new species, or possibly even genus. Scientists estimate that the predator could have measured up to 18 meters from tip to tail.

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