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Joliet the haunted doll

People who have never had a paranormal experience cannot imagine it. Employees who were not in the Museum of the Weird when we experienced most of our own activity don’t fully understand the confusion, the anxiety, and the fear that was caused by seemingly innocuous events. In a story there are all kinds of possibilities, even probabilities. When it actually happens to you it’s a singularity.

Among the objects that are reported as haunted, dolls come up again and again. If you’ve ever been in the house of an avid doll collector you can probably understand why. There is something unsettling about being surrounded by a multitude of unblinking faces. But some reports go far beyond just being unnerved. This video tells the story of Joliet, a doll whose haunting is mired in pain and grief.

Have you every had an experience with a haunted object? Tell us about it.

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