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Is this image proof of a white bigfoot?

A recently released video has re-sparked some interest in the all mighty cryptid, Bigfoot. Yet, this time instead of being silver or brown, he’s solid white.

Our friends over at have posted an extensive video breakdown of some fantastic footage that has surfaced of a white bigfoot captured on a trail camera the property owner had set up.

Cryptomundo writes:

We’re not sure how recent this alleged Bigfoot footage is that M.K. Davis has in his possession, but it shows an amazing white Bigfoot on all-fours, and then getting up on two legs, sprinting out of view at an incredible rate. According to Davis, this alleged white Bigfoot came from the southern part of the United States. Davis also points out the sheer size of the Sasquatch compared to the cow in front of it. Accompanying the footage is a “howl” audio lasting about 3 seconds. You can listen to this towards the end of the breakdown.

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Here’s another video that is said to show a ‘white bigfoot’:

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