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Kells Irish Pub in Seattle was a once mortuary of the early 1900's.

What says “Come on in, relax and have a beer!” more than a good ol’ fashion mortuary? How about one from the 1900’s that was built for the overflow of bodies from disease and disaster that has now been turned into an Irish pub?! Sounds cozy, right?

Well, apparently having a bar in there sure sounded like a nice change of pace for the actual residents of the old building, ghosts! They seem to be more active then ever and seem to show themselves to patrons and staff during late hours in the bar.

Ghost hunters frequent the building often and even have pictures and footage of a spirit showing itself to them.

One image captured by The Travel Channel during a late night visit to the old mortuary-turned-bar.

Daily Mail writes:

Before Kells Irish Pub in Seattle became a charming family-run bar, it served as a waiting room for  the afterlife — a mortuary purpose-built to handle flood of dead bodies produced by plague, mining accidents and violence in the early 1900s. The owners of the bar say a piece of that dark history has clung to their humble establishment, meaning the haunted pub serves up a host of spirits, along with pints of beer.  Bartenders, patrons and ghost hunters all claim to have seen specters of ghosts at the pub late at night. Inexplicable events have occurred that the owners say can only be attributed to other-worldly forces. Mirrors have shattered, plaster falls off walls as if on cue and glasses have slid mysteriously to the floor. The pub has been a beacon for ghost hunters in Seattle for years — thanks to numerous reports of paranormal activity and the building’s black past.


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