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Sutherlin, Oregon resident Betty Klopp believes the forty-five year-old hair and skin samples she inherited from her late parents are further evidence of the existence of the legendary creature known as “Bigfoot.” Klopp reports her parents were driving along a stretch of highway late at night when they nearly collided with what they thought to be a man standing in the middle of the road. After pulling over at the Porter Creek Store they searched the area, but could not locate any sign of the creature.

Later the next day they discovered large clumps of hair and patches of skin in the sides of the trailer from where it had swerved and brushed up against the creature. Today Klopp is convinced her parents truly had a rare chance encounter with Bigfoot. The samples were sent to the University of Montana for DNA testing three years ago. The DNA contained in the hair and skin was too deteriorated, though, for a conclusive test result.

Klopp is undeterred, however, and stands steadfast by the evidence collected by her parents. Her decision to come forth with the samples was encouraged by reports that a Bigfoot had been shot and killed in Texas. She continues to believe, and holds out hope for further evidence.

Betty Klopp displays “Bigfoot” hair and skin samples.

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