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Human Skull Donated to Goodwill

There are many ways to dispose of a body, but donating pieces of it to a Goodwill is probably not one of them.

A Goodwill employee, when going through their donations box discovered the skull and alerted the police. The Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that the skull was indeed real and from an adult who may have died two years ago. Causes of death, sex and race are still unknown currently.

“We think it was probably something that belonged to the person who donated it, to a relative of the person who donated it and it was part of a collection or an anatomical model or something like that. It could have been something that was kept by someone who was a student of anthropology, a student of medicine, dentistry…any of those things,” said Detective Derek Israel with APD’s Homicide Unit. Which begs the question: if it’s two years old, does it seem likely that it was a ‘collection’ or part of an ‘anatomical model’? Seems kinda sketchy to me. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more on this story as we get to the real bones of it.

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