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Michele Callan and Josue Chinchilla's and their haunted house in New Jersey. (image credit abc news)

Now, I’ve heard plenty of ghost stories about homes so spooky and ‘haunted’ that terrified residents flee the house the house in horror, never to return again. Never have I heard of said residents actually taking it a step further like Michele Callan and her fiance, Josue Chinchilla have by suing their landlord for the trouble and stress they’ve had to endure, with their children, since moving into the home in New Jersey and living with the unseen and troublseome housemates.

ABC News writes:

A New Jersey couple is suing their landlord for a refund after they said paranormal activity caused them to flee their rental home. Michele Callan and her fiance, Josue Chinchilla, moved into the home in Toms River, N.J., with Callan’s two children on March 1 and were immediately spooked… At first they chalked it up to the adjustment period of moving into a new home. But things only got spookier, they said. Doors opened and closed. The family even claimed they recorded strange voices whispering, “Let it burn.” The new tenants said that between the menacing voices, flickering lights and clothes mysteriously flying from their closets, they couldn’t take it anymore. They fled the three-bedroom home and checked into a hotel, where they said they have been living since March 13.


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