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Let’s take a break from my super-important, nail-biting Facebook countdown to gather our composure, sit back, and have a little laugh (at other people’s expense). If you haven’t seen this video yet (it’s gotten over a million hits), stop what you’re doing and take a minute to watch.

Prankster Tom Mabe sent joggers running for their lives with his latest Halloween-themed contraption. You’d be forgiven for being more than a little concerned at the sight of the grim reaper wailing and flying towards you, but that’s exactly what happened to several passers-by at an otherwise ideallic park in Louisville, Kentucky. Taking advantage of the Halloween season as a chance to engage in some paranormal-themed japery, serial prankster Tom Mabe dressed up a remote control helicopter like the grim reaper and filmed people’s reactions as he chased them around with it. “We have had a lot of fun making this,” he said. “It’s taken some work to make it happen, but it’s great fun. It flies with the help of a remote control helicopter but you rig it up in a really brilliant way. It has to be quiet so people don’t hear it.” A video of the prank shows joggers and other park visitors fleeing in horror as the contraption flies after them while emitting a wailing noise. “The best bit is when you sneak up on people. We fly it about 200ft in the air and then drop it down so it’s right behind them,” Mabe added.


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