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Season 10’s “American Idol” house is not some Victorian-era mansion or even an abandoned mid-century modern from the 1960s, yet the contestants on Fox’s hit show claim that the place is indeed haunted.

Built in 2008 the home now abandoned by the singers, has hit the Beverly Glen real estate market with a listing price of $12,000,000.

First reported by celebrity site TMZ, reports of paranormal activity began with “bizarre flickering lights” followed by an infestation of spiders. A few of the reality show stars told OK! Magazine that they saw “a hand falling down from the ceiling.” (They also admit to watching a horror movie at the time.)

But apparently the last straw was when several of the cast-mates “claim they watched a bed sheet suddenly take on a life of its own and float down an empty hallway.”

That and the roof leaked a little bit during a torrential Los Angeles rain storm.

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