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Harvard discovers that one of their books is bound in human skin

It probably speaks volumes (Ha! Get it?) about one whether your reaction to this is EEEEWWWW or COOL! We decline to say what our reaction was.

Experts at Harvard University have tested a 19th century volume in their library, “Des Destinees de L’Ame” and discovered that it is indeed bound with human skin tanned with sumac. The book, according to its author as “a meditation on the soul and life after death” was bound by a friend of the writer, a doctor, who bound the book “with skin from the unclaimed body of a female mental patient”. Although an earlier claim by the college newspaper claimed at least three books in their collection had this frightening fastening, the library claims after testing the books in question, this is the only one so bound. I guess if you’re still hunting for that copy of the Necronomicon, you might want to move onto Yale.

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