Castle Larnach of New Zealand.

If going to college on your own isn’t scary enough for most people, imagine having that same school haunted by an ancient ghost!

Otage Daily Times writes:

Ghostly sightings may have left Cumberland College students spooked, but now a tourist has reported being bullied by a ghost at Larnach Castle. Sightings of the ghost known as the “Grey Lady” at the college earlier this month have sparked a media frenzy, says the author of a soon-to-be-published book about Dunedin’s haunted spots. HairRaiser Tours owner Andrew Smith said well-known spots included Larnach Castle, the Fortune Theatre, Stafford Gables and a specific area around Moray Pl. The college was in “lock-down” when he visited with other media yesterday. Students and staff were spooked by the latest sightings, he said. “Whether or not the students have known the history and they have talked themselves into believing something – that could be a possibility … but they are genuinely freaked out.”

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