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67-year old mother of three, Mama Victoria Gbemisola Babatunde.

Well, at least one person is thankful for the current strike in Africa against the removal of fuel subsidy, and she’s alive because of it too!

67-year old mother of three, Mama Victoria Gbemisola Babatunde, was pronounced dead on January 7th of this year, due to a long battle with an illness. Fortunantly for her, the burial ceremony that would’ve normally been set just a day after, was delayed while travel was prohibited due to the ongoing fuel strike in mid-west Africa.

All of a sudden, on the 9th day after her official death was announced, she sneezed herself to life and awoke from what was said to be a deep coma, scaring the mortuary attendant so much she ran out of the room!

Vanguard writes:

A 67-year old mother of three resurrected 12 days after being pronounced clinically dead! Stranger than fiction you might say. But this is the story of Mama Victoria Gbemisola Babatunde (née Bolarinwa) who was certified dead on January 7, this year but is now back to life, hale and hearty. She would have been buried almost immediately she was certified dead. But something delayed the burial: The nationwide strike against the removal of fuel subsidy made it impossible for the children to gather to arrange her burial. A date was eventually fixed and the children were on their way for the burial when they learnt that she had resurrected!


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