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Kerry Trebilcock enjoying a nice mid-afternoon snack, of sponges!

Once you think you’ve tried all the different diets out there in the world, a new one comes along and just changes everything.

This amazing new diet was discovered by Kerry Trebilcock of Mylar, Cornwall and to just put it simply, it cleans your body up!

Kerry has eaten countless numbers of sponges, from little chopped up slices in a ziplock bag with some tomato and bbq sauce (as a snack), to a “sponge-dog”, which is any standard cleaning sponge you’d find around your own sink at home, added with hot relish, ketchup, mustard and honey all folded into a hotdog bun shape! Sometimes, she’ll even spring for a fruit-scented bar of soap to chow down on if no sponges are around ’cause you know, that’s normal.

From what I’ve gathered, it seems that by eating dry sponges for almost every meal, all the normally bad, unhealthy and acidic liquids you’d ingest during an average day would simply be absorbed by the sponges! How neat!

I’d imagine they would start in your belly, absorbing and taking with them all the terrible stomach acid and badness sitting in there into the digestive track. There they would pass through all your bodies filtration systems saying “It’s cool guys, I got this!”, letting those hard working organs rest and relax for once, to the colon where it will be passed out and into the commode to be swept away into the unknown forever by swirling streams of water.

I guess the eating of the soap every so often as Kerry does would also help ‘clean-out’ your system by sudsing up your insides and making them squeaky clean so the sponges can be extra effective the next go ’round?

Sounds about right, right?

Wait, I see here the article says ‘disorder’, not ‘diet’…. oh.

The Sun writes:

Kerry Trebilcock, 21, has also munched more than 100 bars of SOAP. She suffers from pica, which causes victims to crave objects that are not food. Kerry, of Mylor, Cornwall, said: “One day I will beat this and be able to have a shower or do the washing-up without feeling hungry.” Sponge eater Kerry said she likes to spice up her bizarre snacks with hot sauce or mustard. Sometimes, she dips them in tea or hot chocolate like biscuits. She also chomps on chunks of soap — but only organic fruit-flavoured varieties, with lemon and lime her favourite. Kerry said: “I have been very particular about the type of sponges and soaps I’d eat and how I’d prepare them. If I went out for the day I’d carry a small plastic bag of cut-up pieces of sponge with some tomato and BBQ sauce in Tupperware. I was never without a ‘snack’.” Other pica sufferers eat metal, coal, sand, chalk — or even lightbulbs and furniture. Petite Kerry, who weighs just 8st, has endured shocking stomach cramps, constipation and diarrhoea. And although she has cut down on her sponge munching, she has been unable to totally shake the condition. At one point Kerry was eating five a day topped with hot relish, BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, jam or honey.


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