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The bats just wouldn't stop coming out from underneath one family's roof in Miami.

One family in Miami got quite the surprise the other day when getting their roof remodeled. While roofers began removing the tiles from the roof, they discovered hundreds, almost thousands of bats nestled beneath them with fresh younglings ready to take flight. The more tiles the pulled off, the more the blood-thirsty little residents poured out.

The Huffington Post writes:

Think about how many houses in South Florida have roofs with barrel tiles. Now imagine that each one contains thousands of squealing bats. In the video above, Miami roofers discover a particularly dense roosting area for bats. As noted by Buzzfeed, it conjures up visions of Temple of Doom. Bats are quite common in Florida. Local pest removal companies cite the most common types are the Brazilian, or Mexican Free-Tail Bat, and the Evening Bat. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says, as bats’ natural habitats disappear, they’re more likely to settle in places like roof titles. And when this video was taken in July, bats nestle in crevices to give birth and nurture their young.


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