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Today the NASA/SOHO ipad app reported the sighting of an unusually large, triangular object heading for our sun. The images posted by UFO Sightings Daily are remarkable to behold and beg the question: Just what exactly is traveling towards the center of our solar system?

Scott C. Warring, the gentleman who posted the news about the UFO stated, “I was looking at the still photos of the sun on the official NASA/SOHO app and noticed a triangle UFO of massive proportions that was far from the sun but heading towards its center at 12:42 (photo below in blue). Then the this same triangle UFO was caught in a SOHO photo at 12:48 that same day, but this time it was even closer to the sun which is in the photo above. Look at the massive amount of space this UFO has crossed in just 6 minutes. No planet, asteroid or meteor could do that!”

Take a look at these images and tell us what you think in the comments below…

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