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While creating a panoramic photo, Jonathan Curran got a shot of something extra that wasn't supposed to be there.

There seems to be  a magic quality to photographs that allow them to capture moments in life in a way our brains never could.

Whether it’s a photo from a memorable party you had with friends at the end of the year, or just a snap shot of scenery you’d love to capture, there’s always a little something extra in there that makes you feel good when looking at them and recalling the memories and emotions of that moment in time.

Photographer Jonathan Curran, got a lot of something extra in this panoramic photo he created in the way of a mysterious figure, seemingly staring directly into the lens, that wasn’t shown in any of the other pictures that were taken just moments before and after.

Is this a person wrapped up and posing for a picture, or the ghost of a nun caught on camera?

Galway Independent writes:

A photo that appears to capture a ghostly image of a nun on The Long Walk has been causing a stir in the city this week. Local photographer Jonathan Curran was taking a series of 13 photographs of the picturesque area in an attempt to create a panoramic view when he came across something very unusual in one of his shots. One of the images, which were taken less than a minute apart, appears to show an isolated female figure with the appearance of a 19th century Claddagh nun. Mr Curran said he was “freaked” to discover the strange appearance on the camera and checked the other 12 images but the elderly woman did not appear in any of the other pictures. “The image was not visible either before or after the photograph was taken and was not captured in any of the other photographs, either going or coming. She just seemed to appear for a moment and then disappear. There were other people on the Long Walk that day, but they seemed oblivious to her presence,” he explained.
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