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Ghost ships seem to be the next 'hotspot' for paranormal activity.

 With all the recent ghost ‘investigation’ tv shows and just the overall popularity of the looking into the paranormal right now, it seems all the good spots on land have been taken or debunked. Now, it’s time to go off shore!

The Huffington Post writes:

Trying to make contact with a ghost? The key to getting them to respond may be pie — or at least a question about it. That’s the surprising claim made by paranormal researcher Matt Schulz, a San Diego-based art director when he’s not exploring old houses, hotels or ships. “It sounds strange, but a question like ‘What kind of pie do you like? Cherry or Apple?’ actually seems to get a response from spirits,” Schulz told a group of wannabe paranormal researchers during a midnight expedition on the Star Of India, a 149-year-old ship that is harbored down in San Diego. It’s a technique Schulz learned a few years back from another investigator. “Asking questions like ”Do you like cherry or apple pie?’ or ‘Do you prefer lemons or oranges?’ seems innocuous,” he told The Huffington Post a few days after the expedition. “But, for some strange reason, the spirits will answer them. Once, we were investigating an adobe house and trying to contact the ghost of a girl and we asked her if she liked chocolate or vanilla better and she said clearly, as if she was in the room, ‘Vanilla.'” Besides being the second oldest ship still sailing regularly and the oldest iron-hulled merchant ship still floating, the Star of India is also allegedly harboring a lot of ghosts, hence the late night expedition, which was part of the Maritime Ghost Conference, a recent event in San Diego that explored the connection between ghosts and ships.


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