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Fox-Human Hybrid at Pakastani Zoo Proves People Really Will Believe Anything

A zoo in Karachi has an odd attraction, the reportedly fox-human hybrid known as “Mumtaz”. With the body of a fox and a human head, Mumtaz will actually talk to his visitors. Of course, it’s not real, but that doesn’t stop a steady stream of visitors from coming.

Murad Ali is the man who has been sticking his head through a table for 12 hours a day for 16 years and he inherited the role from his own father. “The people, who visit here, go away happy,” he said. “And knowing that they feel happy makes me happy too. There is a bond of love between me and them. Life is very short; it should be spent spreading smiles.”

I admit to being sorely tempted to make this article about human gullibility, but it’s hard to argue with Ali’s sweet sentiments. No reports were forthcoming from Rupert Murdoch on what it’s like to be the only other guy who is the head of Fox.

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