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Forget about “Christine”, this car has murdered at least 14 people…and counting

With the car being part of America’s obsession with identity, the way it pretty much has been since Henry Ford wheeled out the first affordable model (probably while saying something racially disparaging), it’s no big surprise that Hollywood has often seized on it as a suitably innocuous part of our everyday lives to make terrifying instead. From Stephen King’s “Christine” to “Maximum Overdrive”, from “The Car” to “The Hearse”, there’s a little fear hidden inside all of us that our commute to work might be on the highway to hell. But we still can feel safe knowing that these demon vehicles are nothing but the product of screenwriter’s imaginations….

Or maybe not…

Meet the “Golden Eagle”, a 1964 Dodge 330 Limited Edition. GE started its public life as a police cruiser, but all three officers who drove it died in murder-suicides, first killing their families, then themselves. Two children were hit and killed by other cars, but landed either under the bumper or on the hood of GE. Just in 2008, a kid was dared to just TOUCH the car, and a couple of weeks later he killed his entire family (dog included).

It doesn’t stop there. In the 80’s and 90’s some folks decided to vandalize the cursed car and each of the lead vandalizers died from car crashes where they were decapitated. The current owner claims that all 32 members of the two church groups that committed the acts have died mysteriously, 4 being STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.

Which brings us to that aforementioned current owner. Wendy Allen bought it a few years ago, and even had to track down some pieces of it that had been chopped and sent to different junkyards by another terrified church group, but she’s had it in one piece for a few years now. The only problem she’s had so far is that it likes to randomly fling its doors open on the highway (!) but no injuries have occurred so far. Wendy says, “it’s just a car that’s been passed down in my family for years, and people are reading too much into the things that have happened to people around the car, because: look at me, my family, my friends, we are fine, aren’t we? If the car was hell bent on killing everyone, well, why isn’t everyone dead?“.

Good luck, Wendy. Remind me not to carpool with you.

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