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Playing Flight of the Bumblebee at 15 notes per second, Violinst Ben Lee has gained the title of World's Fastest Human!

 This is seriously mind-blowing! This guy can shred a violin like no other and has gained the title of World’s Fastest Human due to his faster than lightning fingers! He wasn’t the only one competing for the title though, a base racer (imagine base jumping except with racing someone to the bottom), a speed eater and, a head spinning break-dancer. Watch the video below of this dude playing insanely fast to win the title!

The Telegraph writes:

Judges and scientists working on the Quest channel’s show, Superhuman Showdown, unanimously voted the 32-year-old musician the fastest superhuman on earth, after he beat off stiff competition from a speed shooter and a base jumper.

Ben and his fellow competitors were tested in a controlled environment and researchers used magnetic electrical pulses to measure the contestants’ brain activity during their tasks.

Among those vying for the title were the world base race champion Frode Johannessen, who can ‘fly’ unassisted at 170pm and speed shooter Jerry Miculek who can fire eight rounds on four targets in 1.06 seconds.

Head spinner Aicho Ono, who can perform 135 head spins in one minute, and speed eater Pete Czerwinski, who is able to eat a 12 inch pizza in 34 seconds, also tried their best to win the coveted title.

Ben was thrilled to have been declared the winner: “It’s taken tens of thousands of hours of practice to reach this speed but it definitely helped that my parents were musical and encouraged me to play.” He has played the violin since the age of five, and at 16 he was awarded Daily Telegraph Young Jazz Composer Of The Year. He has now insured his fingers for £3 million. His record for playing Flight of the Bumblebee note perfect on the electric violin is 58.05 seconds.
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