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Amsterdam was the scene of a strange UFO sighting when an object fell from the sky during broad daylight on August 5, 2011.  The descent of the falling object was captured on a video that lasts longer than four minutes. The UFO is nearly the same shade of gray as the skies that surround it, but slightly darker.  It is vaguely spherical in shape and moves downward at a fairly slow rate of speed. The YouTube user who posted this video described the UFO as follows:  “Watch an object that otherwise gets routinely dismissed as a Chinese lantern morph into something completely different.”  The video is from the YouTube channel theInterzone. In the video, you can see that the object disappears behind a large building.  It doesn’t appear to have any lights or other illumination.  From the way the object moves, it does appear that its trajectory is being affected by the wind.

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