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Evil Clowns Stalk California Town

Just in time for the new season of “American Horror Story” which focuses on a circus freak show and a serial killer clown…

…we’ve got a story for you about evil clowns popping up all over the place in Bakersfield California. The worst thing that’s happened to this town in the last several decades is spawning the band KoRn. But now…evil clowns. No thank you.

Not the first town to recently get stalked by mysterious and scary clowns, Bakersfield has got its hands full this time. Is there a number to call the Winchester Brothers anywhere?

Reports and even pictures have sprung up all over the town, now understandably in a furor over the horrible harlequins. And it gets worse. One child claims the clown chased him with an ax. Reports of seeing them commit various crimes run rampant, although the local Sheriff’s department couldn’t qualify any of them.

Rather than running for their lives like I would assume is the sensible thing to do, locals have organized into groups of clown-hunters, trying to chase the jester and take his picture. Check out some of these shots they’ve gathered:

Have fun clown chasers. Not me. They all float down there.

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