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The first stage of the European Beard and Mustache Olympics were held in Wittersdorf, eastern France.

Quite a weird competition to be sure, the Mustache and Beard Olympics draw  a huge crowd to marvel at the facial hair wizardry by competitors that  have traveled from all across the continent to show-off and compete.

The Herald Sun writes:

Boasting beards that would make most men blush with envy, more than 100 competitors from around the world have converged on Wittersdorf in France to compare facial hair.
While no rival to the Olympics or European football championships, the event proved a popular opportunity for men to flex their follicle muscles and impress judges and crowds of spectators. To enhance the effect of their remarkable growths, many participants, who came from across the continent, wore extraordinary costumes and outlandish hats. While many entrants opted for the self-supporting curly look, other competitors boasted moustaches that were so magnificently proportioned they required sticky tape or grips to keep them in place.


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