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"Devil's Hole" by photographer Pamela Smith.

There’s plenty of stories that tell a tale of an endless, bottomless pit that houses all kinds of wonders and supernatural beings down in its’ depths.

Supposedly, there’s one right here in America, hidden in the forests of Washington and only one man claims to have ever seen  it.

Komo News writes:

ELLENSBURG, Wash. — From Bigfoot to the disappearance of D.B. Cooper, the Pacific Northwest is full of mysteries. Another mystery buried deep in the hills of eastern Washington keeps resurfacing. Ellensburg and its surrounding valleys and Manastash Ridge are beautiful in any season. Some believe what lies beneath is a deep, dark hole with supernatural powers. A man named Red Elk is one of the only people alive known to have ever seen the mysterious hole. A Native American Shaman, or medicine man, Red Elk said his dad first showed him the hole in 1961.  “He said ‘This is an endless hole,'” Red Elk said. Red Elk’s been back many times and said strange things happen every time he goes near it. “People get it confused with what I call the devil’s hole,” he said. Many locals claim to know about the hole, but it didn’t become phenomena until 1997, when Mel Waters went on the Coast to Coast radio show with Art Bell.  “I brought the dogs with me.” Waters said on the show. “They wouldn’t go anywhere near the damn thing.” Waters said the hole had a three-foot stone wall around it. It seemed bottomless to him, so he used an old shark fisherman’s trick — sending thousands of feet of fishing line down. “What I did, was I sent down a roll of lifesavers,” he said. “So when it hit water the lifesavers would dissolve.” But the lifesavers came back up whole — no water — so how deep was this hole? Waters said he believed it descended miles into the earth and he heard strange stories about its powers. “One guy claims that he threw his departed canine down into the hole,” he said. “He swears the dog actually came back to him.”


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