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Death by selfie

Recently, Russia released a pamphlet advising people about the deadly consequences of taking selfies. Apparently, the carelessness of people trying to capture themselves for social-media posterity has become so dangerous that people need to be warned. Warned about what? Take a look at these icons from the pamphlet. Are any of these you?

Icons from Russian Selfie pamphlet highlight some important “dont’s”

Is this seriously a problem? Are people actually selfying themselves to death? Scoff if you will, but watch this video of several deadly selfie incidents from around the world first.

If we were going to bet on a way for the human race to end itself we would have gone for nuclear war or something like that. We never even had a bet on Selfie Apocalypse. So, if you need to take pictures of yourself, please be careful. Even better, come and do it in the safety of our Museum with our life-sized King Kong!

Of course, we should also remind you that you should not send selfies to loved ones after you die, either. (See our earlier article about a selfie from Hell, literally.)

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